Saturday, 28 January 2012

to people who will never be past

to things most people don't understand
to people who made you who you are
and who you will be
for laughter and tears
to unforgettable memories

to fancies, to things much wanted..

to dreamy nights, smiles that fly high and vanish,

and then you realize that there's no place better than home..

i see lights, i see familiar faces,
people that i almost grew up with,
i realize
i hold up a drink for the super power of a super dad

for the love for best friends, for distances that don't matter,
for living each day the first,
or probably the last.

for the city i love, beyond words

for the love of travelling, for the love i feel in bombay, 
people say its crowded, 
quite many believe it stinks,
but i don't think ive seen strangers throwing warmer smiles than mumbaikars,
im not surprised why people who come never leave  

for the love for shoes....

for the love on the streets we walk everyday, the soul to sole connection