Friday, 18 November 2011

to endless love and priceless moments

to nights, to the watchman, to feet that would never be tired

to women i love, i respect, to people more special than they'd ever know..

to what we were, what we are, and what we ll always be.....

to bangles that mean much more than just silk to me now

to the breezy windows, four people and a cigarette

to sunday meals, to endless days, to bollywood..

to the colors, the memories of scattered things we once called trash

to the bells which i know still ring each morning of joy

to the little soul that i know misses us wherever he is

to footsteps as fresh as the good old times

to celebrating the lights, the warmth, the walls of that house

hearts full of love

to princesses of their worlds, and queens of mine, a time ive never spent before, talking about it cant do justice, ten beautiful days where we let go of time

Monday, 14 November 2011

a thought that lingers

there's so much to life, a share of me and so much that you have been through, so much more that i want you to go through, with sanity far away, i sit across the doorway and keep staring at you, not too sure of how you make me feel, not too sure if i even feel, but there's still so much more to life, a share of you and so much more that you make me go through 

from an old pile

for once, there is nothing philosophical to this one......

Saturday, 12 November 2011

she doesnt know but she loves

and she says she doesn't understand, i don't understand too, we don't want to understand, but still we end up in the same circle. it spins, and we spin too, she said its better this way, it will be this way till i love, till i believe

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

a betrayal.....that didnt last for more than an hour

..................................much more than i can say or she can understand...............................

its too cold outside, for angels to fly...

.....and there is this one person you distinctly remember passing by in the corridor, or with a cup of tea at fasoos, and you just cant get over the look you share for a split second each time,you decide that you ll never walk up and talk to her, because you dont want to spoil what you share, you know her story, you respect her for all reasons you re unsure about.....the beauty of it is that she ll never know how special she is........that shes already the queen of someones world

Monday, 7 November 2011

and then she sees a face in the dark

ummmmm... so this is one thing that im supposed to do all the time, being a fashion student, and i end up doing the least. this is im guessing one realistic doodle that ive made probably after almost a years time.

the window through which i see the world

hello all, so now that im finally inspired enough and a little excited too, this is my "glory window", the window to look across into people who pass by, dreams lived ad memories made.