Thursday, 15 December 2011

much more than anyone would ever know

and then there are sometimes when you hide yourself in a dark bed, no bits on your body that can possibly hide enough, you think of times you can possibly never talk about, thats when you know that your love is much more than what she ll ever know

Sunday, 11 December 2011

every kid has his godfather

everyone walks around with a box in their hands, a little box, a box to lock that one special person in, their little kids, and keep them safe and around forever.

never too late....and in time you know

so here comes this random afternoon in four years, when two people, two best friends in school days who believed in each other, too scared to make the first move after years decide to catch up, pour their hearts out, and see the other side of a beautiful little place called bhopal.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

she loves like a virgin

a million stories tangled in her hair, a billion times shes fallen on her knees, they say shes not worth the risk, but i know, she loves like a virgin, too good for most of us around, too pure to touch, too beautiful to be written about

a lucid dreamer

so i dream everyday, i walk out wanting to change a lot of things, there are some days when i come back feeling like the king of most things, and days when im a little pup, hiding from a huge pile, but then a loved one looks me in my eye, and i know there is much more to me than just a couple of shoes and hats and sunglasses and bowties.
and then tomorrow when i walk in, i know that i ll be the king of most things

dad and i

so it finally comes to this one man whom you look up to, one man you can kill and die for, your idol. not a lot of days back, me and my dad after a bit of a fight, and after not having spoken for quite a while, had a silent moment, which meant much more than most conversations we have made. a moment where i guess he said that hes proud to be my dad,
not a lot of times we realize how deep love can be!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

a story of a girl i know

so its the much awaited story of a girl, something that she would never talk about, love that she has kept untouched, words that are much unspoken, life, almost lived, almost celebrated, a wait longer than forever, a guy from a strange land, rain and candles, she would never know how i feel, how special she is, and what those flowers mean...........